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It’s been a year since I started photowalking beside the #photowalkersnp team. Though I have great passion for photography, I had very few knowledge about it when I started it.

WIth the guidance of #photowalkersnp, I started to know more about basics of photography like shutter speed, aperture, iso, composition skills and so on. It helped me alot. And I'm still learning with them and they guided me a lot.
I am learning so many things about photography everyday and I am so proud that I am learning different kinds of knowledge with great photographers team. They always inspire me and gives me new ideas and a strong feeling of enthusiasm. When I do something wrong, they always taught me what is wrong and how to make it better and do it correct way. They are really very good teacher too. #photowalkersnp is one of the best group which guide beginners very perfectly.
They arrange photowalk every Saturday which helps beginners to learn various knowledge about photography. They inspire beginner photographer who has interest in Street Photography, just like me. And still I have to learn many thing about street photography with them. I feel so lucky to be in this prominent and extraordinary group.

And finally, being named Photographer of year for 2020 by #photowalkersnp and #spnnepal is great motivation and inspiring for me. Just over a year since i started photography, i came a long way and learnt so much and acknowledgment of it is very proud moment for me.

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  1. Congratulation and best wishes to you keyrey😁😁😁 keep on progressing until you get success in your life

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