In Search of Beauty After The Earthquake 2015​

#photostory by Udhab Kc
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25th April, 2015 was one of the most disturbing day of Nepal in recent memory which caused tremendous damage and loss. 8.1Ms earthquake, occurred at 11:56AM killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000, the affect of which still being felt by all of us Nepalese people.

On that very day, I was covering Machhindranath Chariot Festival  at Sainbu, Lalitpur. Up until 11AM, I was taking pictures at Patan Durbar Square. Within the hour, the earth violently tremble beneath our feet leaving footprints in our hearts and minds and we are never the same again.


The very places which is very close to my heart and where I used to go for evening walk, or for photowalk just turned into rebels, is heartbreaking. But one thing is for sure, we Nepalese still find some hope, no matter how difficult the situation is. These images represents the same positivity, beauty and hope during this dire period.

Udhab Kc

Founder – #photowalkersnp

Photostory Team

All Photos & Text by Udhab Kc

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